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RP e-Learning

Necsa has become a sector forerunner on the African continent in terms of the creation of its e-Learning platform using Moodle specific for Radiation Protection (RP) on line training. The site is the first of its kind for Africa within the Nuclear Energy Industry arena. It has been internationally benchmarked against other Nuclear Energy distance learning sites.

The vision of the Nuclear Skills Development (NSD) Division of Necsa  is to provide and empower learners with technical skills and to meet the demand required by identified clients.

Nuclear Skills Development’s mission is to:

  • Equip learners and course participants with specifically focused technical and engineering skills
  • Provide customers direct training  and capacity building courses that comply fully with national/international quality requirements and legislation in the field of further education
  • Ensure the skill and competency base of clients which supports and enhances sustainable economical growth and prosperity

The RP course on e-Learning is designed for EVERYONE exposed to ionizing radiation, irrespective of job title, post level or existing academic qualifications. This qualification can open various doors to possible careers!

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